Tuesday, November 25, 2014


One of the good things about the city - as against the suburbs - is that in the city one tends to walk more.
Because I have a dog I'm forced to walk somewhere four times a day which is very good for me.

So recent things seen include
 - the very last leaves on a tree on 21st  Street

 berries on 20th Street

last yellows of of  the climbing hydrangea on 20th Street too.

I can walk to Chelsea Market where the bakers at  Sarabeth's were extra busy yesterday,

 and later buy apples and cranberries at Union Square.

8th Avenue in the evening is utterly urban.

This last photo shows something I'm rather thankful for. They seem to have stopped adding stories to the building on the left - so we still get to see the Empire State Building. Now what on earth will happen when/if they they get planning permission to build on poor little one storey Rite Aid....?


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

High Line by Night

Even though I live very near it, you haven't heard much about the High Line from me lately.
That's because in the immortal words of Yogi Berra - "Nobody goes there any more - it's too crowded." It's wildly and amazingly popular with tourists of whom there are alarming numbers - a mixed blessing. Super that New York is such a popular destination - and then the problem of tripping over them.

Anyway, last Thursday it was very mild and wet, so we set out.

I was mesmerized by the wet grass all glistening with damp

 and splendidly under-lit.

Looking down a very wet 25th Street

at our feet fall vegetation.

We tramp on

til everything comes under the sway of all the very tall new buildings that surround the new part of the park up towards 34th Street. So many changes in the past few years!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Nature Study

When I was at primary school in England in the 1950's we had "Nature Study" classes - but in fact we seemed to spend most of our time doing 'nature study' on our own in the woods and streams and fields nearby. Even the back yard is replete with possibilities. Worms!

Definitely worth hunting for.

And other weird stuff under stones... (photo taken in October on a mild day!)

Even in November there are nasturtiums and roses, snapdragons and parsley. Soon the frost will come and all this will be  memory.

Underfoot, leaves gleam, and in the market fruit abounds.



Edible calendula... who knew - though we always ate nasturtiums.

Little bits of flowers from the roof garden.

And pears

and Winesap apples - the very best for eating and cooking and looking at.
Nature study indeed.

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Yes, the day approaches when...

the strange creature flies over the church

while the deities look on.

The old churchyard gives up its secrets

and the sacrificial pig is slaughtered.

The dog brings a stick to the disembodied heads

while his double guards the inmates of the dungeon.

I fear he's seen it!

And he has too....though he pretends to be brave.

Yup, it's the......thing....!

Happy Halloween.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Walk by the River: Prague

One of the pleasures of visiting a foreign city is merely wandering aimlessly around. These pictures were taken the Castle side of the Charles Bridge. 

We did not take a boat trip despite the spiffy uniform of the crew member. We did not attach a lock to the fence by the river.

We did observe the creepers turning fall-like

and the poor statue who had lost half her face

and the statue of calm and tranquillity.

The Charles Bridge in the distance.

A  fine day for walking

seeing reflections of willow branches rather Corot-like

and the closed up picnic umbrellas.

More of the same 

and more reflections.

We are now back in New York...

Sunday, October 12, 2014

More Ordinary

A tram goes past on Na Porici

In response to Frances and others yesterday - yes, I do rather tend towards recording the pretty bits - in the blog anyway.
I didn't go into shops much at all - since I was only there for a week. The one supermarket was rather like supermarkets anywhere. Gift shops ditto. I did not buy any Kafka t-shirts...
There were very few beggars and none of the gipsies I was warned about.
Most people dressed 'down' - none of the chicness of Vienna or Florence.

Herewith some of the ordinary-ish photos...

Restoration of an old building. Me trailing behind rest of family...

Splendid man-hole (person hole?) cover

and another.

Men at work...

More men at work with the man on the right making suggestions...

Up on the roof - a bit alarming.

Prague politician, Dan Hodek, who, so far as I can gather, is running for office since his picture is everywhere. RFS - of Czech heritage.

Ugly graffiti 

More ugly graffiti

 a concert I did not attend.

Dull rural railway station.

Wig shop.

My least favorite flower shop.

Laundry with artifacts from the olden days...

and an awful warning.